Learning by doing

PROCO is a project collaboration platform based on experiential project-based learning.

We connect educators and professionals, to give students the opportunity to


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Real-World Projects

Students are able to collaborate and work on projects with real companies. The experimental learning experience forces students to deal with real issues in a direct and motivating learning situation.

Focus: Real-world projects

  • Gain working skills
  • Gain industry knowledge
  • Expand company network

Classroom experiences

PROCO allows Educators to request and find matching project partners for its teaching content. The value created is in the efficiency in finding meaningful and applied cases for projects, as well as in modern teaching style that was previously unfeasible.

Focus: Classroom experience

  • Increase students motivation
  • Facilitation of class-projects
  • Connect with industry partners

Co-creation & Recruitment

Companies are able to propose and accept project challenges for student engagements. Through the collaboration, companies are able to build up a student talent pipeline, while gaining fresh insights from new perspectives.

Focus: Co-creation and Recruitment

  • Access and test the best talents
  • Research and solutions
  • Promote brand awareness
Engaging experience

Learn and benefit from valuable project interaction in a unique ecosystem.

Promote your brand

Discover, attract & connect with future leaders and business partners.

Facilitation of collaborations

Set up, engage and control collaborations fast and easily to grow the best insights.

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Our Awards

Mission & Team

PROCO is building a bridge between traditional education and industry knowledge, to deliver the most significant value for future leaders. Therefore, PROCO follows the mission to provide talents with the knowledge and experience they need, to be relevant on the market and land the jobs of their dreams.

Moritz is the strategic head of PROCO with the focus on partnership development. He holds an MSc in International Management from Nova SBE and worked for companies like Amazon, Payback, and Diesel.

Moritz Wilhelm


Rui is the technical head of PROCO. B.Sc. in Software Engineering & currently pursuing an M.Sc. in Software Engineering. Works as Assistant Professor at IPS and Software Developer for KCSiT.

Rui Borges